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“Little Brother”

The “Little Brother” is a young boy who feels isolated and alone in his everyday life.  He is a friendly, social child who asks lots of questions and moves around quite a bit.  The child is from a single-parent family with the parent working full-time and recently picking up a second part-time job.  This leaves very little time for the parent and child to spend together.  The child enjoys school however, seeks attention in the school atmosphere through disruptive behavior.  He has difficulty sitting still but is curious and intelligent.  The child needs companionship and attention desperately.  He is isolated and alone most of the time.  The child has no significant males in his life.

  “Big Brother”

The “Big Brother” is a confident intelligent, responsible and hard working person who is very easy to talk to.  His interests include music, cultural events, video games, movies, books, sports, and spending time with friends.  He is described by those who know him as loyal, on the serious side, outgoing, talkative, and honest.  The “Big Brother” works full-time and most of his time and energy is taken up by work.  He is seeking an opportunity to help a child.  He also feels that this will be an opportunity to get out in the community to try new things and explore.

  “The Match”

The “Big Brother” provides companionship to one-to-one attention to the “Little Brother:.  He offers dependable, consistent opportunities for the “Little Brother” to have fun, to talk and to try new things.  They mostly enjoy simple activities like coloring, cooking, talking, learning to play catch, watching hockey games and skating.  Since the child has been Matched to the “Big Brother”, the child’s academic performance has improved.  He is getting into less trouble in school and getting along better with his peers and the child shows improved self-confidence.  The “Little Brother” has bonded with his “Big Brother” and they enjoy spending time with each other every week.

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