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Anonymous success story:

  John, a 21 year old, was referred to the Phoenix House for residential substance abuse treatment for prescription (opiate) drug dependence.  John was prescribed hydrocodone at the age of 16, due to injury sustained from an ATV accident.  From the first use of hydrocodone, john liked the pain relief and intoxicating effects from the prescription.  Over time, the pain from the injury subsided, but he continued to use the medication for the psychological effects.  John began developing tolerance to the substance and needed more of the substance to achieve the desired effects.  He also began using stronger opiates and changed his route of administration for oral intake, to nasal, to intravenous injection.  During the assessment process, it was determined that John has been experiencing several problems in his life due to his opiate use.  Areas affected were:  inability to complete high school education, homelessness, broken family relationships, legal issues, and unable to maintain employment for extended lengths of time.

  John was appropriate for Phoenix House residential services to address his problem areas.  John was encouraged to begin looking at his pattern of opiate use and the consequences of his actions.  He was able to determine the extent of  his opiate problem based on these exercises.  John was provided cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive skills training to challenge faulty thoughts and beliefs.  A treatment plan was developed to address his life issues.  John was linked with the Michigan Department of Human Services(MSHDA), to assist him with assistance for food and income.  He was linked with Michigan Works to assist him in gaining employment and continued work on his General Equivalency Diploma.  John was linked with a self-help support group to assist him with gaining a positive social support network.   John was linked and received MSHDA housing assistance.  He addressed his lack of honesty with his family and began developing open lines of communication.

  Since leaving treatment, John has remained abstinent and is continuing to improve his life.  He has gained employment, improved relations with his family, has decreased his legal issues, and has a positive outlook on life.

  Our treatment program continues and we are thankful for the support we receive through the Copper Country United Way.

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